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daelah's Journal

5 February 1992
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Hello my name is Daelah and I was born on Feb 5th, 1992. I live in the United States, Florida. I just happened upon this website and figured I'd join; I also look forward to meeting and getting to know people here (well wishes to anyone who reads this by the way). My favorite pet peeves involve reading manga (yaoi genre mostly) and watching anime, I also enjoy sketching and painting. For those of you who are not familiar with these (anime, manga) I would suggest doing some research (you might like what you find just like I did). I hope to enjoy my stay here.

This is one of my favorite character 'Rai' from 'Lamento -Beyond the Void-'

Photo Of Lamento -Beyond the Void- Rai

Fruitstyle designs
by Malionette